Popeye CGI animation test

Sony have released an animation test of how the new Popeye film will look.

popeye-olive-oylSony animation studios have released CGI test footage which gives an early look at the new Popeye movie. The footage shown will not feature in the future animated film, as will the voices which have not yet been cast, and is just to give audience a short taster of what is to come. The footage shows a slightly different Popeye character who is without any tattoos and missing his trademark pipe.


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Portal: No Escape

We review the Sci_Fi short film Portal: No Escape

Portal-No-Escape-2There have been extremely few games that have successfully transferred to the big screen. Video games in particular have a chequered past in the movie world. You only have to look at Need for Speed or Super Mario Brosto see just how difficult it is to get it right. It doesn’t stop people trying though. Of all game properties out here, an adaptation of Portal would seem like one of the unlikeliest…

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Larry Crowne

We review the Tom Hanks movie Larry Crowne

larry-Crowne-tom-hanks-julia-roberts-2It is a known fact within the movie industry that the clout of a major star can get a project to the screen that under other circumstances would have trouble getting made. Tom Hanks has expanded his remit over the last decade or so. He has taken on the role of producer on several film and television projects and has one director credit for the moderately successful movie That Thing You Do. For…

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Never one to be opportunistic. Here’s our review of Braveheart

mel_gibson_braveheart_2With all the discussion surrounding the future of Scotland, it was inevitable that some people would start to quote and reference, what for them, was the greatest film about the country. The film was released in 1995 to enormous acclaim and was both a critical and commercial success culminating in it receiving five Oscars at the 1995 Academy awards. Having seen the film at the time of release and…

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'71trailer has Jack O'Connell in severe peril

’71trailer has Jack O’Connell in severe peril

It’s 1971 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It’s the height of the Troubles and the British army are sent in to disperse a riot. It all goes wrong for one young soldier (Jack O’Connell) as he gets separated from his unit and finds himself being hunted by the IRA. Cheery Sunday afternoon viewing this isn’t.

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay trailer

We have a look at The Hunger Games: Mockingjay trailer

mockinjay-jennifer-lawrenceJust out is the first full trailer for the new Hunger Games film. As was extensively reported the final book of the series is being split into two films for reasons that can be best described as monetary. Just how they will manage to spin out the book into two full length movies will be seen shortly. (more…)

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Project Shell

We review the Sci-Fi short Project Shell

project-shellSo many movies these days disappoint their audience with their intended audience in spectacular ways. The initial promise of an idea becomes so diluted or changed that the final product is often not to reflect the concept in any way at all. One reason for this is the major studios making movies by committee where the bottom line is the overriding factor. More and more the medium of the short film…

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20,000 Days On Earth

20000-days-on-earth-2This week sees the release of the Nick Cave documentary 20,000 Days On Earth. As is typical with the man this is no ordinary rockumentary. It is a journey through the mind of an artist who is at the peak of his powers. It is directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard with Cave and Forsyth handling the writing duties. Being a fan of his work for a long time I have looked forward to this since I…

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Dracula Untold teaser clip

dracula-untold-luke-evansAhead if its release in cinemas next month a forty-second clip of Dracula Untold has been released to help promote the opening weekend. The film is a re-imagining of the origin story of The Count and how the a man who was so desperate to protect all he loved that he chose to become a monster. (more…)

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Chef http://wp.me/p3i9Qn-24K

jon-favreau-Chef-1There is always a big deal made when someone goes back to their roots, especially for people involved in the creative aspect of the movie industry. Jon Favreau is a case in point. Alongside Vince Vaughn, he came to the attention of the public as the creative force behind the cult favourite Swingers. His career took off as a director and actor from that point, culminating in taking the director’s…

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