We review Fury. Out in Cinemas on Wednesday. http://wp.me/p3i9Qn-2bd

fury-brad-pitt_2-400x242Saving Private Ryan raised the bar in terms of war movies. Its influence was felt in the many films that followed. It wasn’t hard to hold Stephen Spielberg’s epic tale of warfare up as the benchmark. That’s why I approached Fury with mild trepidation. Despite a great director and cast, did we need another film about World War II? (more…)

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Birdman trailer

ichael Keaton stars in the Birdman trailer

keat-birdmanOne of the more interesting early contenders in the forthcoming award season is the new film from Alejandro Gonalez Inarritu, Birdman. Michael Keaton stars as Riggan, an aging actor, best known for his portrayal of an iconic superhero. He is trying to set up a comeback in a one man show and has to overcome family issues and his own toxic personality in order to succeed.


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Baz Luhrmann’s new Chanel No. 5 advert

Baz Luhrmann directs an ad for Chanel

Chanel-No-5-The-One-That-I-Want_Michiel-HuismanWith his reputation for glamour and glitz in his films it isn’t a surprise that Baz Luhrmann has directed another extended advert for Chanel No.5. He follows up the memorable Nicole Kidman advert for the same product over a decade ago. This time it features the worlds top fashion model, Gisele Bündchen as the on/off object of desire of Michiel Huisman (of Game of Thrones). It’s all moody looks…

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The Curse

We review the horros short The Curse http://wp.me/p3i9Qn-1pg

Bill-Oberst-Jr-the-curseThe greatest compliment you can give a short film is that it left you wanting more. Short films look to take the essence of a single idea and progress this to a conclusion in a limited running time. The Curse from film maker Gabriel Sabloff is one such beast.  (more…)

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Inherent Vice Trailer

Just out is the first trailer for the new Paul Thomas Anderson film, Inherent Vice. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as Doc Sportello, a drugged up detective tasked with finding his former girlfriend among other things.

Warner Bros announce nine new DC films

justice-league.Warner Brothers have finally announced a full lineup of DC related movies which the company hopes to rival the Marvel cinematic universe. Some of the information had been speculated on since the second Superman film was announced but there were a few surprises as well.


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Oldboy http://wp.me/p3i9Qn-26c

Oldboy featuredHollywood is a strange beast that appears to be driven purely by the need to generate profit. This is no more evident than with the policy of remaking non English language movies for audiences that are deemed unable to read subtitles and watch a film at the same time. There have been some success stories, notably the Martin Scorsese film The Departed, and some massive failures. The failures…

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The Water Diviner Trailer

For his directorial feature debut, Russell Crowe goes back to a significant time in Australian history.  The film is set four years after the bloody battle of Gallipoli during the first world war.

Grand Piano

grand-piano-1To base a thriller around a classical concert is a bold move. Let’s face it, there is only so much to see within an auditorium as the orchestra play and the story unfolds. It needs to be something special to grab the audience and maintain their interest for ninety minutes. The movie Grand Piano seeks to do this by taking inspiration from some of the great directors of the past. Doing so opens it…

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Blackhat trailer

Michael Mann is back. A first look at the movie Blackhat

hemsworth-blackhat-The first trailer for the new Michael Mann film Blackhatis now online. The title, for the non IT folk out there, refers to a hacker who carries out his actions for bad rather than good. It comes from the old western films where the bad guys always wore a black hat. The film sees a hacker, Chris Hemsworth, getting released from prison in order to help the US and Chinese authorities track down a…

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