New Releases for October

Moviescramble previews the New cinema releases for October

So, it’s October already. The big summer blockbusters are a fading memory, and we are a few months away from anything worth a bet at next year’s award ceremonies. What we are left with then is a fairly mixed bag comprising the latest work from director David Fincher, the return of Zach Braff and some reptilian crime fighters, a trip back to the last days of World War 2, the re-appearance of a…

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Draft Day

Out in the UK this week. We review the new Kevin Costner movie Draft Day

DRAFT DAYKevin Costner is no stranger to the sports movie. He has starred in a number of them over the years including very memorable turns in Field of Dreams, Bull Durham and Tin Cup. Over the last couple of years, his star has once again been in the ascendancy. He has featured in a number of supporting roles in several films that have helped to raise his profile and remind people of the quality actor…

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Jupiter Ascending trailer

we preview the new Wachowski siblings movie, Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter-Ascending-channing-tatumThe new trailer for the Sci-Fi movie Jupiter Ascending has just been released. The film stars Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones, a woman who becomes aware of the fact the fact that she is not a lowly commoner but is actually a member of the royal family of an alien race and is in line to inherit the earth. Channing Tatum is alongside her as Caine, a hunter who becomes her companion as she begins her…

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

We reciew the horror movie Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

frankenstein-kenneth-branaghThe tale of the man and the monster has been told countless times in cinema either directly or by taking the main elements of the story and tailoring them as required. In 1995, Kenneth Branagh was at the top of his game. His film and stage career were in the ascendancy and he could pretty much do as he wanted on the screen. What he chose was to be able to bring to the screen a faithful and…

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Agent Carter Flashback in Agents Of SHIELD

hayley-atwell-agent-carter-1For the premiere of the second season of Agents of SHIELD the fans were treated to a two-minute sequence which flashed back to 1945. It features Agent Carter and The Howling Commandos as they take out a Hydra base. Peggy Carter will get her own television series and will feature Hayley Atwell in the role she memorably portrayed in Captain America: The First Avenger(more…)

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I Origins

We review the stunning SciFi drama I Origins

i-origins-image-michael-pitt-astrid-berges-frisbey-i-originsMike Cahill came to international attention with his low budget indie film Another Earth in 2011. The film used science fiction as the underpinning of a story that delved into the human condition. The film was a moderate success in terms of box office and received much praise including a glowing review from moviescramble. Cahill has returned with a similar film as his follow-up. Again science…

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We review the found footage monster movie, Cloverfield

cloverfield_1Today’s cinema is littered with found footage movies. It seems that almost every month a new example of the genre hits the screen. It has become so prevalent that audiences (and me) are starting to tire of them. The quiet, quiet, BANG! horror films that spawn a never ending number of sequels without really explaining anything are now regarded as being rather samey and quite dull. They continue to…

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Big Eyes

We preview the new Tim Burton movie, Big Eyes

big-eyes-amy-adamsThe first trailer for Big Eyes, the forthcoming film from celebrated director Tim Burton has been released. It is his first movie since the 2012 double hitter of Frankenweenie and Dark Shadows. The film is the story of the artist Margaret Keane the artist best known for her paintings of females and children which features over sized doe eyes of the featured subjects.


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The Pacifier

We review the Vin Diesel family comedy The Pacifier

Pacifier-vin-diesel-1You can almost picture the scene. Vin Diesel, ambassador for tough bald guys, is in the offices of his agent. At this point he is a successful action star with several high grossing movies to his name. He is hot. The word placed on his lap is diversity. Expand the Diesel brand, grab a new demographic. Basically go for the family market. From this (fictional) meeting comes the beginnings of the…

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Popeye CGI animation test

Sony have released an animation test of how the new Popeye film will look.

popeye-olive-oylSony animation studios have released CGI test footage which gives an early look at the new Popeye movie. The footage shown will not feature in the future animated film, as will the voices which have not yet been cast, and is just to give audience a short taster of what is to come. The footage shows a slightly different Popeye character who is without any tattoos and missing his trademark pipe.


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