Let’s Be Cops

lets be cops 1To be honest I went into the screening of Let’s Be Copswith pretty low expectations. The buddy cop genre is so well established that most new variations on the them are just plain awful. With the surprise success of 21 Jump Street and its follow-up there was an obvious hole in the market for other film makers to exploit. Cue countless lesser variations with mixed results critically and…

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An Interview with Chris Quick: Part 2

In Search Of La CheMoviescramble met with Glasgow based editor/producer Chris Quick to speak about his latest project, Electric Faces, a sci-fi short he worked on with director Johnny Herbin. The film is due to released later in the year. Following on from Part One, we took some time to get to know Chris.


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An Interview with Chris Quick: Part 1

An Interview with Chris Quick: Part 1

Electric FacesMoviescramble met with Chris Quick, a Glasgow based editor/producer to talk about his latest film, Electric Faces, a sci-fi short written and directed by Johnny Herbin which sees a recovering addict’s plans to commit the perfect robbery thrown into chaos by a cantankerous bank guard and an increasingly unstable robot.

So Chris, how did you come to be working together with Johnny?
I first met…

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Episode VII villains revealed?

Have the Star Wars Episode VII villains been revealed?

There may be spoilers in this article. There may not be, it all depends on whether the news is true. Nevertheless, you have been warned.

It’s hard to believe that Star Wars: Episode VII is just over a year away. Official news on the film has been a closely guarded secret, but that doesn’t stop rumour circulating the internet and the newest one is very enticing.

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Lauren Bacall RIP

Lauren-Bacall-1In what is turning out to be a an awful year for loosing movie stars it has been announced that the actress Lauren Bacall has passed away at the age of eighty-nine. She is reported to have died of a stroke at her home and later confirmed by The Humphrey Bogart Estate twitter feed. Best remembered for her early film roles, she was rated as one of the most beautiful and sensual women ever to have…

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Robin Williams RIP

It has been announced that the actor and comedian Robin Williams has died at the age of sixty-three.

Marvel Look Back at Phase 1 & 2

Marvel Cinematic UniverseAs part of the Marvel presentation in support of the forthcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy at this year’s Comic-Con the company unveiled a five-minute video presentation that takes us through the first two phases of the Marvel cinematic universe which ends with the second Avengers film which will be released in May 2015.


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Bill Murray cast as the voice of Baloo

bill-murrayDisney pictures has announced that Bill Murray has joined the cast of the forthcoming live action / VFX film of The Jungle Book. The veteran actor and all round cool dude will provide the voice of Baloo the bear in the movie which will be directed by Jon Favreau. He joins a cast that features Scarlett Johansson as Kaa the snake, Christopher Walken as King Louie, Ben Kingsley  as Bagheera the…

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Good Morning, Vietnam

The movie where Robin Williams went global. We review Good Morning, Vietnam

good morning vietnam robin williamsBack in nineteen eighty eight, Robin Williams was not well known for his work on the big screen. He had a successful career in stand up and on television in the hit comedy Mork & Mindy, but his film roles were limited to a handful of well received roles and the massive flop that was the Popeye movie. It took the success of Good Morning, Vietnamto finally propel Williams into the major league of…

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Interstellar Comic-Con trailer is now online

For the first time Christopher Nolan made an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con. He was there alongside Matthew McConaughey to promote the highly anticipated Sci-Fi movie, Interstellar.